Dengfeng LED bulb is about to enter the London Olympic venue

August 09, 2019

[High-tech LED News] The LED bulbs invented by Wang Bohao, after more than 300 tests, have officially received 3,800 test orders issued by the London Olympic Organizing Committee. The products officially entered the test light stage of the actual Olympic environment installation.

It is understood that Wang Bohao passed the London Olympic Games in 2009 to bid for lighting equipment suppliers around the world, but to enter the Olympic venues, it will take 15,000 hours, up to 300 lighting tests.

The test light is successful, Dengfeng Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Lamp Factory will sign an official order with the London Olympic Organizing Committee and will formally become a partner of the 2012 London Olympic Games. By then, 40,000 LED bulbs will enter the London Olympics, and Dengfeng LED energy-saving fluorescent tubes will be fully operational in designated hotels, parking lots and administrative offices in the London Olympics.

Wang Bohao said that in addition to the 40,000 LED lights used for the construction of the London Olympic venues this year, an LED lamp production plant will be established along the coast, and the output value will double to 40 million yuan.

He pointed out that the company is currently developing dimmable LED lights, normal daylight illumination, and nighttime micro-lighting. Once successfully developed, it will be widely used in parking lots.

In addition, Wang Bohao pointed out that its LED bulbs will soon enter the Gansu and Xi'an markets. In addition, this year will also enter the South African market, has now sent LED bulbs to South Africa, is currently negotiating.

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