Crystal TV Blu-ray chip revenue continues to grow

March 26, 2019

Topic: Industrial Finance and Economics Leading Distributor Taihang Jingdian (2448) The contribution of Blu-ray chip revenue continues to grow. Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, said that under the weak quarter effect, he was worried that the revenue in November will decline. It seems that there is an opportunity to maintain a peak in November and December.

A few days ago, the legal person passed out that the crystal power was cut by Samsung, and the revenue will decline, which will suppress the stock price of the company. Li Bingjie clarified that the number of deliveries to Samsung has not decreased so far. Li Bingjie analyzed that the major manufacturers are actively expanding the upstream epitaxial chip production capacity, but the demand for LED TV, lighting and other demand is larger than the production capacity. In 2010, the overall supply will still have a gap.

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