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April 07, 2020

In the previous article, I wrote some tips on the installation, debugging, and maintenance of "professional audio equipment". I haven't touched on the topic of "sound engineering". I want to discuss this article with you: " The topic of professional audio PK". With the popularity of "Super Girl", the new term "PK" has become a household name. PK is the abbreviation of Player Killer in English, meaning "player killer", followed by verb, Player Kill, meaning game. Killing people. In other words, PK refers to a player who kills other players in the game and is a noun. But after introducing China, we usually use it as a verb, with the meaning of attack and confrontation. For example: "I and you PK", "I was PK yesterday." At present, the competition in the audio industry is very fierce. It is more and more difficult to win a project. The bosses of the entertainment establishments are not as easy to be "fudged" as they used to be. They now have quite the choice of audio equipment. Strong autonomy and discriminating ability, so the fierce competition in the market and the “growth” of the boss of Party A. Now when talking about a sound project, many audio brands PK, it is more and more common to compete for “you die”. It is. PK is naturally cruel. When we watched "Super Girl", every time the PK link in the game can make people feel scared, the sound PK is also the same cruel, and finally only one party wins, the other will be ruthlessly eliminated. Out.

My article is to discuss with you how to do the " sound PK " work better! Fortunately, for nearly 20 years, I have worked as a sound engineer, manager, and manager and engineer of a sound engineering company. I have also been a technical consultant for some professional audio manufacturers or companies, so I have been working with audio equipment from the audio industry. The whole process of the final installation and use of the equipment is still relatively clear. Let me talk about my understanding and experience of " Audio PK ", I hope to help everyone.

First, the preparation work before the audio PK

(1) Interpersonal relationship: To successfully win an audio project, interpersonal relationship is crucial. Otherwise, even if your equipment is better than others, it is useless because the Chinese are still human, so we have to take Party A’s DJ, the manager of the engineering department, the red man around the boss, the boss, etc.--"get it", from a certain perspective, in the engineering competition, "PK of interpersonal relationship" is even more than "PK of the sound" important. Therefore, in order to win the project, we must understand and study the psychology of these important people!

A, the mentality of Party D DJ: Party D's DJ is generally a person who is trusted by Party A's boss, and is also relatively familiar with the sound knowledge. Their psychology can be divided into: learning type, as long as your equipment is professional, They can learn things, this DJ will not oppose you; realistic, these DJs are not interested in learning new knowledge, as long as you can give him benefits, everything is OK. The comprehensive type is somewhere in between. As long as your product is good, he has some benefits and will not be able to make it.

B. The psychology of the engineering manager: If Party A is a hotel industry, there may be an engineering manager. The manager's authority is also very large. Although they do not know the professional audio knowledge better than the DJ professional, There will be a strong ability to distinguish, their psychology can be roughly divided into: due diligence, this kind of person is very rigid, very loyal, unless your product is good, otherwise everything is excused; the interest is the upper type, on the contrary All the interests of the project manager are the main ones. Otherwise, everything is exempted from discussion. In addition, there are still many types of engineering managers. This is the principle that they pay attention to their own interests. To get such a manager, of course, The strength and benefits of audio equipment are two-pronged.

C, the boss's "red man" mentality: Now some bosses around will generally surround a few "loyalty" people, these people can affect the boss's decision, if the boss of the party is compared to an emperor, then these bosses The red people around them are like the emperor's favorite ministers and jesters. These people's psychological basics are similar to those of the above DJs and engineering managers. They can be divided into: loyal and loyal, such people belong to "loyal ministers", all for Party A. The interests of the boss think about it; if you are bullying, such people should belong to the "traitor", and they should all talk about the interests of these people; and they have the same type: this kind of person probably belongs to "the jester", the principle of their work Everything is to please his boss, and he does not easily express his opinions. As long as the boss says that he is good, he will follow suit.

D, the boss's psychology: the boss is the boss, is to have different ideas and insights, so the bosses are very "complex", probably divided into: practical, such a boss is pursuing the cost performance of audio equipment, as long as The quality of your equipment is stable and the price is moderate; luxury, such a boss is pursuing the effect of the sound brand and sound, no matter how expensive the equipment is, as long as your equipment is world-class brand effect is their best choice," If you don't ask for the best, but ask for the most expensive, this sentence is for the boss to invent the invention; the employer is not suspicious, such a boss trusts the people below him, as long as the following people say good, he will miss the employer Suspect, such a boss is still skeptical about the equipment recommended by the people below. If the other party is an indecisive and ruined boss, then the person who comes to PK can be miserable. For such bosses, we only have Can miss a famous saying: "Success, 70% luck plus 30% strength"! We can only treat such projects and such bosses with the mentality of buying lottery tickets; special types, some bosses may have some special requirements and reasons when choosing audio equipment, for example, if they are partners, then The boss himself may also want to get some benefits. There are still some superstitions, pay attention to the signs, you have to open the sound, he received a phone call: the stock rose, his wife gave birth to son and other good news, then you proudly laugh! Otherwise the boss is not happy and the consequences are very serious. In short, there may be some special types among many bosses. If you encounter such a boss, don't talk about products and technologies. It depends on God's will to solve them. Comprehensive, many bosses do not pursue cost-effectiveness and luxury, and they will not fully believe. The subordinate's recommendation will not arbitrarily deny the opinions of the subordinates, and there are no other special hobbies and taboos. Such bosses will generally choose some audio equipment after careful investigation and research and listening to various opinions.

Sun Tzu's Art of War: "To attack the heart, attack the city for the next!" To successfully take over a project, interpersonal relationships and understanding of the mentality of Party A's personnel are of paramount importance. Without good interpersonal relationships, your audio equipment is no better, and you may not even be able to enter the preliminary round, let alone The semi-finals and finals.

(II) Personnel preparation: With good interpersonal relationship, and after contacting the personnel of Party A for the time, place and requirements of the audio PK , we can arrange the personnel to go to PK. Generally, we must be responsible for contacting Party A or The business and public relations personnel handling the relationship must generally have business and public relations personnel responsible for contacting or handling the relationship with Party A; 2-3 technical personnel are also required; if necessary, the company also needs to send a veteran level to go, it is necessary Then hire some audio experts and professional singers. Practice has proved: "Group flicker is very necessary"!

(3) Sound source and equipment preparation: To show the effect of your own audio equipment well, a good sound source is essential. What audition discs, DVDs, CDs, VOD belts can be brought, and then ready to meet A Audio equipment required by the party. In short, the audio equipment is the root of the audio PK , a good and reasonable system configuration is the premise of PK victory.

(4) Vehicle preparation: After the personnel and equipment are ready, they need to load the vehicle and go to the PK location. This needs to inform the PK personnel in advance and check the equipment that needs to be loaded. Equipment: audio and playback equipment, power connection equipment, signal cables and control lines, speaker cables, microphones, amplifiers and speaker equipment, peripheral equipment, video systems and tools, speaker brackets, microphone brackets, equipment handling tools, equipment lifting tools and Accessories and so on.

Second, the process of audio PK

With a good preparation before PK, the rest is the PK process. The general PK process and sequence are as follows:

(1) Contact of Party A's personnel: Before departure, ask the location and time of PK and the personnel of Party A to conduct evaluation. Early public relations and other work is still very important.

(2) Handling of audio equipment: Most of the PK's scenes are still on the construction site. When transporting equipment, pay attention to the safety of people and equipment, and register with the security guards.

(3) Connection of audio equipment: After all the equipments have been moved to the PK location intact, the equipment should be placed as soon as possible, connected, and the power supply should be connected with Party A, and then the equipment should be tested normally.

(4) Adjustment of audio equipment: The connection of PK audio equipment must be fast, because the patient's patience is limited, so our technicians must be very familiar with the PK audio equipment, and it is best to advance I will conduct a simulated PK exercise in a few days, so I will wait for the actual PK audio equipment. Here are some of my experiences:

1. Device connection: The speed of connection and debugging of a set of audio equipment will not be lower than 15 minutes, otherwise it will produce the phenomenon that “the speed is not up”. After all, the connection and debugging of the audio need to be “daring”. . We can let some of the sounds sound at the fastest speed, so that we can divert the attention of Party A personnel and alleviate some embarrassing atmosphere. Otherwise, a group of Party A personnel will "supervise" the work of our personnel with no expression. It is undoubtedly a mental torture for our technicians.

2, sound source preparation: audio source connection and selection is also very important, according to Party A's requirements, first select the sound source, and then quickly connect the sound source playback device. When we go to PK, we must bring enough audio and playback equipment, such as CD, DVD, VOD, etc.

3, microphone debugging: the biggest headache for the sound engineer is the problem of the microphone whistling when PK, Party A is also most worried about this problem, so we use the equalizer adjustment, the microphone is called the whistle suppressor, in short, in short Adjust the microphone, pay attention to the speaker position, and finally master a principle: the sound of the microphone is 20% larger than the sound of the music, otherwise the voice is not prominent; the sound of the microphone can not be thin, dry, otherwise it is mad, not magnetic, Not full.

4, music debugging: Before going to PK, I think everyone has figured out the needs of Party A for the function, right? When debugging, of course, we must flexibly adjust according to Party A's requirements and functions: HI room music adjustment, if Party A needs pure music, do not microphone HI room, then we can choose a more powerful sound, HI room requires low frequency It is powerful and powerful. The middle and high notes have a penetrating power and rhythm. It can stimulate the nerves very well. If you need pure music, you don’t need a microphone to shake the room slowly. Then we can Choose a fuller, sleek speaker. The slow-shake music needs a low-frequency fullness, not too hard, and the middle and high-pitched sounds should not be too noisy. Listening to this kind of music feels very comfortable, like a massage, you can enjoy it with your eyes closed, plus the slow-paced music beat speed is not too fast, you can say that slow rocking music is a bit "sad" taste; pure Kara OK music adjustment, if Party A needs a singing-based sound system, then we can choose a speaker with full and round sound, brighter in the middle and high frequency. This kind of system adjustment is entirely based on microphones. Music is just an "accessory". When adjusting, we can ethically adjust the microphone effect to the best, music is normal; comprehensive music adjustment, if Party A needs To sing and HI or slow shake sound system, so forgive me more trouble, too soft speaker music is not strong, too hard speaker sound is not round and sing is not easy to enter the wheat, then we only choose neutral, media In the speaker between the two, of course, neutral may be no features or even mediocre speakers, it is very difficult to sing and HI, because "my fish bear can not have both"! Such a system should adjust the microphone first in the specific adjustment, and the microphone is adjusted to be powerful and powerful, and the maximum is not howling. On this basis, the volume of the music is about 10% lower than the volume of the microphone, and attention is paid to the tone of the music. The degree of integration.

(5) Display of sound effects: If the previous work is done well, and Party A agrees, the official PK will be carried out. The main process is as follows:

1, the system final test: the official PK first put a little light music, this can ease the atmosphere by the way to check the equipment is normal, otherwise in the official PK, even if there is a little problem with the equipment, it will leave a bad impression on Party A. This must be taken seriously.

2. Introduction to the sound system: A PK is also like a performance. Since it is a performance, there must be an opening statement. After the official PK, the first thing we need to do is introduce the product, which is to introduce our company, brand, system mix, design plan, etc. The good opening can create a harmonious atmosphere and ease the emotions of everyone.

3. Answers to questions: After the introduction of our products, Party A's DJ and other technical personnel will ask some related questions. Our technical staff should be mentally prepared to answer the questions of the other party simply and accurately.

4, microphone display: The next step of PK is generally to show the effect of the microphone, of course, some pure music systems, different sound fields, different equipment, different adjustment methods and techniques will affect the sound of the microphone, so we want Choosing the right microphone, the microphone display still grasps the principle: the sound of the microphone is 20% larger than the sound of the music, and the sound of the microphone cannot be thin and dry. At the same time, we may have to adjust flexibly when different people try to sing, but too much adjustment will make Party A feel unstable. This should be noted. For the adjustment of various microphone sounds, please refer to my previous article.

5, music display: From a certain point of view, in karaoke, music is a subsidiary position, the microphone sound is the protagonist, the display of music is basically also pay attention to the two cases when there is no microphone and microphone. The system without microphone is purely based on HI or slow-shake music. At this time, all the adjustments are centered on how to better display the effect of music. When there is a microphone, the adjustment of music is more flexible. In order to avoid the frequency of the music and the frequency of the microphone, we can make the microphone volume larger than the music volume, and at the middle and high frequency part, the relevant frequency centered on 4KHZ can be attenuated on the equalizer, so that the middle and high notes of the music will not be too bright. It can better highlight the middle and high frequencies of the human voice. Music shows can generally be divided into the following sections: soft music display, strong music display, comprehensive music display. For the adjustment of various music and sounds, please refer to my previous article.

Third, the work after PK

When the PK ends, whether it is successful or not, we have to do some follow-up work:

1. Solicit Party A's opinion on our products. At the same time, we will make a final conclusion for this PK according to the representation of Party A and our PK performance, but no matter what, after the end of PK, we have the minimum courtesy and Etiquette can not be lost, because we represent the image and demeanor of the company, so it is convenient to continue to maintain good communication with Party A in the future.

2. If Party A needs to leave our equipment for a few more days, then we must complete the relevant procedures, and then look for the DJ and the manager of Party A to let them protect the security of the equipment and other military matters. If you don't need to stay to continue listening, then we need to quickly remove the equipment and remove it.

3. If Party A does not object, if we have time, we can go to observe the PK process of other companies after PK is completed, and summarize the advantages of others, and also compare their PK effects with others.

Finally, our business personnel and public relations personnel should continue to do a good job of interpersonal relationship, and the technical personnel should also communicate well with the technical personnel of Party A. The rest is waiting for Party A's decision. As long as we do our best in PK, success or failure is a matter of course.

This article is not necessarily very detailed, but more comprehensive. This article also highlights some non-technical factors such as interpersonal relationships, human psychology, etc. Compared to pure technology, these "psychological" parts can be regarded as "skills" for most sound engineers! These contents are my experience for many years, I hope to help everyone!

Due to the limited level, it is inevitable that there are deficiencies, and I hope that many colleagues and experts will correct me!

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