Comment: How is the home appliance imaginary hidden rule?

September 23, 2019

Last week, some media reported that the “China energy efficiency logo” on the body of household appliances has moisture, and some companies do not want to falsify the energy efficiency logo. The "virtual standard energy efficiency rating" has become the unspoken rules of the home appliance industry. Subsequently, the reporter found that the household electrical appliance industry, the existence of technical parameters of the problem of vacuity, in addition to virtual energy efficiency rating, the noise, volume, refrigerated capacity, power consumption and other indicators have become part of the household electrical appliance enterprises "suck gold" mask.

The home appliance industry can be “polished”, not just energy efficiency signs: noise, freezing capacity, power consumption, and even the ability to remove odors and eradicate germs can all be “teasing you to play”. According to industry insiders, the industry of home appliances is a "bad" industry. It is a completely non-truthful industry. It can be said that telling lies is more moist than telling the truth. Although this is not pleasant, it is the reality of our consumer market.

For example, in the "hidden rules" of the home appliance industry, the public also hopes to be a "good cause" envy. However, many indications indicate that the unspoken rules of at least the standard of home appliances are shocking: For example, Wang Ruohong, director of the Energy Efficiency Label Management Center of China National Institute of Standardization In an interview with "Global Entrepreneur", he said, "The 'energy efficiency management approach' is only a paper document and it is impossible to curb the problem of energy efficiency." For example, the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision published on the official website in 2011 recently. The announcement of the results of spot checks on some consumer products in the fourth quarter, of which the pass rate of rice cookers and induction cookers was only 70%; the induction cookers of Senko, Xinfei, Eki, Fujitsu, Ouke and Galanz were all exposed. Qualified, newly-flying rice cookers were found to have failed input power and current.

Do not say do not know, a startled. The nominal 42-inch color TV you bought may not be worthy of name; the washing machine with a capacity of 6 kilograms you buy may actually be 5.5 kilograms; the 200 liters of a refrigerator you buy can be as good as 190 liters.... At this point, he badly blocked the road and robbed him. Businesses have become profitable, since ancient times. But why is such a "bad" bad money drive the market for good money, why is it so savvy and bad?

The facts prove once again that, under the supervision mechanism of the bullpen off the cat, it is clear that talking with the merchant about morality or responsibility is to play against the cow. The public can not help asking: Where is the technical supervision department? Industry access standards and logo supervision belong to different functional departments. Why is it that the evaluation system has become a flicker helper? Where are the market supervision departments? Buying fish and buying meat can also find a “fair scale”. That is why many industrial and commercial supervision departments do not do long-term non-technical frauds such as basic size and volume. Where are the three industry self-regulation organizations? Looking at enterprises, whether they are the same or not, they go to the “no return” road. This is the final destination that the home appliance industry wants after making quick profits. Perhaps, at the end of the question, there is still a lack of high-level law enforcement oversight at the national level, and local law enforcement has turned it into a "soft finger."

How is the home appliance imaginary hidden rule? On the other side of this issue, we must be able to find the path of depression in the basic rights of consumers.

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