Color Kinetics licenses Trumpf to launch LED shadowless surgical light

September 24, 2018

Subject: Applying Color Kinetics, a US company that is currently competing with the Dutch company Philips (Phlips) for the $5 million Empire State Building LED lighting contract, has recently announced a global licensing agreement with the German tool manufacturer Trumpf, Color Kinetics LED Color control technology will be used for the first time on medical devices, namely "iLED shadowless surgical lights". This license is also applicable to any LED smart medical lamps developed after TRUMPF.

iLED shadowless surgical light has been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), combined with intelligent microprocessor control and LED to change the color temperature of light. Through the technology provided by Color Kinetics, iLED can produce excellent warm media. From 3500K to 5000K, it is the white light of the bulb color (warm white light) ~ cool white light interval.

This feature of LED surgical lights has been proven to bring a lot of help to the work of doctors. Cold light helps surgeons to concentrate, and does not produce shadows like traditional lamps. It is the first glare of long-term surgery.

Medical lamps are also an important part of the LED industry, and the pace of deployment continues to accelerate, and more and more hospitals use novel lamps to carry out medical activities. For example, through visible light to find blood vessels, the visible light source is LED, xenon lamp (HID) or laser diode, etc. At this stage, the most green is the combination of wavelength stability, power saving and safety. LED. In terms of hospitals in Taiwan, including the General Hospital of the Three Armies, many large hospitals such as Chang Gung, Guotai, Xindian Tzu Chi and Taipei Rongji have also been introduced.