Cloud Storage: Another Leader in the ICT Industry

September 08, 2020

Cloud Storage: Another Leader in the ICT Industry

As a cloud computing system with data storage and management as its core, cloud storage is an important breakthrough in the popularization of cloud computing applications. At the recent cloud computing conference, cloud storage applications are very hot.

Looking at the entire ICT industry, cloud storage is an emerging technology concept that is changing the way traditional storage is provided and used. Cloud storage uses a cluster application, grid technology, or distributed file system. It integrates a large number of different types of storage devices in the network through application software and works together to provide external data storage and service access functions. Compared with traditional storage devices, cloud storage is not just a piece of hardware, but a complex system composed of network devices, storage devices, servers, application software, public access interfaces, access networks, and client programs.

Since the cloud storage system is a collection of multi-device, multi-application, and multi-service collaboration, its implementation must be based on broadband networks, Web2.0, application storage, clusters, grids, distributed file systems, CDN content distribution, and P2P. , data compression, data deduplication, data encryption, storage virtualization, storage network management and other technologies as the premise. As a data storage service based on broadband networks, cloud storage is provided to users through the network. Users can use storage in several ways and pay by usage (time, space, or a combination of both).

The arrival of the era of big data will prompt more companies and individuals to migrate data to the cloud. The soaring global data volume has caused continuous increase in data storage pressure and has driven the rapid development of the entire storage market. After the concept of “cloud storage” was proposed, its huge market space attracted the attention of many ICT companies at home and abroad. The Internet industry and telecommunication industry have all deployed cloud storage and provide storage services to the public and enterprises. Telecom operators with data centers and network resources will have a natural advantage over other service providers in providing cloud storage services.

No matter how good technology is, the key is to popularize and nurture the market. Cloud storage, as the foundation of all cloud services, has great scalability. In response to the diversification of user storage content, cloud storage service providers should derive multiple product lines accordingly, providing users with a better cloud storage experience. Cloud storage really becomes a new way for people to store files and hardware storage devices. The best alternative.

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