April Domestic 3D TV Market Report

February 18, 2020

April Domestic 3D TV Market Report In April, the pattern of brand awareness in the Chinese 3D TV market changed significantly. This month, Samsung launched 3D TVs and added 15 new television products. This month, the proportion of attention of the Samsung brand has risen sharply, winning the attention of the brand. In terms of product structure, large-size 3D TVs continue to receive widespread attention from consumers, and the focus of the price segment has begun to shift to 5001-8,000 yuan.

Report points:

• Brand focus: Samsung replaced Hisense to become the champion this month with a focus on 20.4%.

• Product Model Structure: This month Samsung UA55ES8000 climbed to the top of the product watch list.

• Backlight structure: The percentage of attention of LED backlight type products is 98.7%.

• Product Size Structure: The average screen size for 3D TVs this month is 46.81 inches.

• Price segment structure: The price segment of 5001-8,000 yuan this month is the most popular among consumers.

• Analysis of mainstream manufacturers: Samsung’s attention ratio rose first and then declined, with the highest single-item concern rate.

First, the brand attention pattern

• Samsung replaced Hisense to become the champion of this month In April 2013, the brand awareness of the Chinese 3D TV market changed significantly. This month, Samsung replaced Hisense as the brand's attention champion. Concern has risen sharply, reaching 20.4%, up 8.1% from March. Hisense and Skyworth, respectively, were the only runner-ups and runner-ups this month. The ratios of concern were 17.4% and 13.5% respectively. Concerned about the proportion of more than 10.0% of the brand still LG, this month was 11.3%, up 0.9% from the previous month.

The rest of the brand's attention ratios are all below 10.0%, with little difference between each other. The market competition is fierce. Unlike March, TCL and Sony’s position were swapped this month, TCL rose to fifth place, and Sony fell to sixth place with concerns of 9.0% and 7.0% respectively. In addition, Konka rose to seventh place this month. At the same time, Sharp and Changhong dropped to eighth and ninth positions respectively.

Second, product attention to the pattern

(I) Product Focused Models • Samsung UA55ES8000 tops the list In April 2013, Samsung UA55ES8000 replaced its Hisense LED42K326X3D with a 6.5% interest rate on the 3D TV market in China. This became the most popular 3D TV product for consumers this month. The price of the 3D LCD TV with inch, 1920*1080 resolution and LED backlight was 14399 yuan this month, which was the same as last month.

It can be found that the top 10 products that concern the ratio belong to seven different brands, and their price distribution varies. The screen size is more than 40 inches. Among them, Samsung UA55ES8000's relatively highest price, reached 14,399 yuan, at the same time, Sharp LCD-60LX640A screen size is relatively the largest, reaching 60 inches.

(II) Structure of product parameters 1. Backlight structure • The type of LED backlight still occupies the market dominance similar to that of the overall LCD TV market. In April 2013, the type of LED backlight still dominated the Chinese 3D TV market, with the proportion of attention reaching 98.7%. Compared with March, it increased by 0.4%. The proportion of CCFL backlights continued to decline, only 1.3%.

2. Screen size structure • The 55-inch 3D TV is most concerned by consumers In April 2013, in the 3D TV market in China, the 55-inch to 29.3% ratio continued to be the TV screen size that most attracted consumers' attention. The second place is a 42-inch product with a focus on 17.4%. In addition, the screen size that concerns more than 10.0% is 46 inches and 47 inches, respectively 11.1% and 10.6%.

According to ZDC data, the average screen size of 3D TVs this month is 46.81 inches, which is slightly higher than last month, and higher than the 39.80 inches of LCD TVs.

(III) Structure of the price segment • The price segment of 5001-8,000 yuan was the most noticed this month In April 2013, on the 3D TV market in China, 5001-8000 yuan replaced the 3001-5000 yuan with 29.2% of the attention ratio and became the most consumed this month. Concerned about the price segment, the price segment of 3001-5000 yuan followed closely, and the proportion of attention was 26.6%, a decrease of 4.5% from March. In addition, this month's price segment with a ratio of more than 10.0% has a price segment of 8001-10,000 yuan and 1,0001-15,000 yuan, which is 13.1% and 15.3% respectively, which is a certain increase from last month.

According to ZDC data, the number of products sold in China's 3D TV market this month was 695, an increase of 56 products over the previous month. The average market price reached 8,537 yuan, higher than the overall market.

Third, the analysis of mainstream manufacturers

(I) Brand trend analysis • Samsung’s focus on the ratio rose first and then decreased in April 2013. In the 3D TV market in China, the Samsung brand’s attention ratio fluctuates less and rises first and then falls. It can be seen from the figure that Samsung’s The ratio of attention was 18.4% at the beginning of this month, and then it gradually increased. It reached the highest value of 22.4% on the 11th, and then the attention ratio began to decline. It finally stabilized at 19.1% at the end of the month, which was a 0.7% increase compared to the beginning of the month. Overall, this Samsung's trend is relatively stable.

(II) Comparison of the number of commercially available products • The number of commercially available products of Hisense is relatively the most According to statistics from ZDC, in April 2013, among the top three brands in China’s 3D TV market, Hisense’s number of commercially available products was relatively the highest, reaching 115 paragraph. Skyworth ranked second in 98 commercial products. The relatively small number of Samsung's commercial products is 52, but 15 new television products have been added last month.

(III) Contrast of Single Item Concern Rate • Samsung has the highest single product attention rate In April 2013, among Samsung's top 3 brands in the 3D TV market, Samsung’s single product attention rate was relatively highest, reaching 0.39% this month. The monthly increase was 0.06%. And Hisense and Skyworth's single product attention rate is not much difference, respectively 0.15% and 0.14%, the market competitiveness.

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