Application of Wireless LED Information Publishing Technology in Human Resource Service

September 08, 2019

In the small and medium-sized cities, the special information platform is used to collect and collect the recruitment information, and it is instantly transmitted to the receivers distributed in the counties and cities of the city and the major universities through the wireless network, and the receiver is processed and displayed on the LED large screen. This approach combines on-site recruitment with modern information technology, breaks through the limitations of traditional job fairs, maximizes the scope of information dissemination, and greatly promotes recruitment success rate and employment promotion.

First, LED information technology analysis

Since the information input of the traditional LED display can only be directly connected to the computer through the data line, the traditional LED display cannot meet the real-time release requirements of the remote information, and thus cannot construct a large-scale networked LED screen information release. system. The new LED information distribution system can effectively solve the problem of remote display of LED display. Based on GPRS/CDMA wireless network technology, this type of system provides a universal LED communication control interface for large-scale networking of LED displays. Whether it is an ordinary text screen or a large screen image screen, as long as the LED wireless transmission terminal is connected, it can immediately break the limitation of the traditional LED display and become a wireless LED information display capable of large-scale networking. We are using this technology to establish a wireless information release system for the Jining talent market. We set up LED display screens in the universities in the country, and release relevant recruitment information through the backstage of the talent market. The system's main control center will publish the information accurately and instantly to one or more or all of the designated LED displays. A wide range of job seekers can view job offers quickly and easily. The wireless LED information distribution system can greatly enhance the flexibility and real-time performance of the LED display as an information display carrier, and plays an important role in expanding the application of the LED display.

Second, wireless LED information release system features

1. Advanced. Make full use of advanced technologies such as computer interconnection network, mobile wireless communication system, LED display control, etc., and design a domestic advanced wireless LED information release system. The wireless LED information distribution system transmits information through the GPRS\CDMA wireless network, and adopts the TCP network transmission protocol, and the number of terminal networking can be unlimited up to tens of thousands. Adopting the current advanced system software platform and terminal equipment, not only can the wireless LED information network release needs, but also can support the specific business needs of various industries.

2. Reliability. Due to the particularity of the environment in which the wireless LED information distribution system is used, the system must be relatively stable and reliable. The reliability of the system is mainly reflected in three aspects: First, the reliability of the central system, including the reliability of the hardware system, the reliability of the software platform such as the operating system, database, and central service system; second, the reliability of the wireless LED display terminal. Sexuality mainly means that the wireless LED display terminal can work stably and reliably, and the hardware failure rate is low. Third, the communication mechanism is reliable, because the use environment of wireless network communication has its complexity, and the system communication mechanism must ensure efficient and reliable data transmission.

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