Anwar's high-color surface mount LED products for outdoor display

September 20, 2018

Introduction: AvagoTechnologies has announced that it will introduce a new series of high-brightness surface mount three-color light-emitting diode (LED) products that will help designers develop large indoors that provide sharper and more vivid images and graphic output. And outdoor electronic display devices, this new series of high-brightness RGBLEDs are supplied in standard PLCC-4 packages, and are designed especially for the more demanding outdoor operating environments.

Avago's new ASMT-QTB2 series of high-brightness AllnGaP and InGaN tri-color LEDs are produced from reinforced silicone materials. In addition to high reliability and long life, they also dramatically reduce color degradation over long periods of time. The ASMT-QTB2 series also offers an ultra-wide viewing angle of 120 degrees to improve the visibility of large outdoor display panels in bright sunlight. Typical applications for Avago's new high-brightness ASMT-QTB2RGBLED include stadium scoreboards, bulletin boards, marquees and electronically variable information. Signs, etc.

In addition to high brightness, long-lasting and compact size, Avago's ASMT-QTB2 surface mount LEDs offer two advantages in a production environment. First, they can be soldered using traditional surface mount technology, which greatly reduces production costs. The package is also JEDEC Moisture Sensitivity Level 2a certified. For manufacturers, this grade represents that these LEDs can be placed at ambient temperature (30 ° C, 60% relative humidity) for up to four weeks after leaving the sealed package without prior to production. The absorbed moisture is removed first.

The InGaN and AllnGaP technologies used in Avago's ASMT-QTB2 LED package provide low thermal resistance, allowing thermal energy to be dissipated to the motherboard from the package with higher efficiency, thus maintaining long-term device reliability while also being compatible with standard surface mount technology. The reflow procedure is compatible, and the MSL2a moisture sensitivity level provided will give the customer greater flexibility in assembling the product.


120 degree super wide viewing angle

Higher contrast with black surface RGBPLCC-4 package

High-reliability LED package with AllnGaP and InGaN chip technology

Long-lasting characteristic with minimum luminous intensity loss, less than 50% degradation after 50,000 hours of operation at room temperature 25 ° C

Available in 8mm 7" tape and reel packaging

Compatible with most IR welding procedures

Humidity sensitivity: JEDECMSL2a

Low thermal resistance: average junction to pin thermal resistance (Rthjp) is 75C/W per color

Pb-Free environmentally friendly lead-free package and RoHS compliant