Analysis of the status quo and development trend of intelligent LED lighting

September 12, 2020

In the past two years, in the domestic channel competition, LED circulation and engineering companies mostly made a fuss about product features and marketing strategies, and led to a new round of price wars, facing the lighting industry's enthusiasm for market competition, major Lighting brands have put forward their own brand ideas in the field of lighting, but it is nothing more than traditional lighting concepts such as energy saving, environmental protection, durability, health, etc. In such a market environment, how to get out of a different path and find their own market gap is our Always thinking about the problem. At the Frankfurt Lighting Fair in April this year, Philips, OSRAM, Samsung, LG and other major lighting brands have launched smart lighting signs. Through various WIFI Internet handheld devices as operating interfaces, we launched smart connected lighting systems for home, office, commercial and urban lighting, and used lighting and smart control technology to show people a digital interconnected lighting era. . It can be said that smart lighting is the future development trend of the lighting industry, and the acceptance of intelligent lighting by users is getting higher and higher.

The rapid development of China's lighting industry, but also the cruelty of the competition in the lighting industry, only to grasp the future development trend of the lighting industry can occupy a place in the global lighting industry. Throughout the development of science and technology and the status quo of society, we will find that we have been surrounded by "smart": from smart phones, smart homes to smart wearable devices, to smart cities, smart earth, etc., "smart" has become a variety of industries and fields. Inevitable development trend.

Human society has gradually entered the era of intelligence, and the lighting industry is no exception. Intelligent LED lighting completes intelligent configuration of lights through microprocessors, microcontrollers and wireless communication, intelligent sensing, automatic adaptation, timing control, light sense control, and different The intelligent switching between the working environment and the working state intelligently determines the optical environment mode due to time, space and situation, and is committed to making the optical environment cloud-controllable, programmable, and perceptible. Intelligent LED lighting dilutes the concept of lighting, highlights the concept of lighting environment and overall solutions, emphasizing the advocacy of "intelligence." For example, the smart desk lamp of a certain enterprise in the market, this smart desk lamp has an application function, iSO user or Android user can use the Bluetooth console light, the program can set different modes according to different scenes, such as watching movie mode or reading mode. At the same time, the program can also make the lights dim at night, and turn on the lights with the alarm clock, which is very practical and user-friendly. The smart home-based smart light environment solution provides users with a wireless router that can connect to home lighting equipment. Users can control the lighting at home with the matching app, and make the ordinary switch programmable and automatic. By directly connecting the light fixture to the mobile phone to set up the required operations in the app, the system will remember the user's habits and execute it, and remotely control the remote lighting control application through WiFi to perform intelligent control. In order to implement the intelligent lighting industry solution, we provide planning intelligent light environment design schemes from multiple sources such as light source, intensity, direction, angle, color, control, health and environmental protection, to solve what kind of light is used in what weather, and what light is used in what scene. How to solve the problem of electricity consumption by using more electricity, how to improve the visual experience of consumers through lighting, the main light source and the secondary light source, how to intelligently match the point light source and the surface light source, etc. Let our light environment be more "smart".

In the future, intelligent LED lighting will incorporate more concepts and technologies of the Internet, mobile Internet and Internet of Things to achieve cross-border and integration of lighting, pay more attention to user experience, make lighting more scientific and artistic, and use light to enhance the quality of human life. .

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