Analysis of Internal Circuit and Scanning Principle of Full Color 8 Sweeping Array Module

August 10, 2019

Dot matrix front view

Figure 1 full color 8s dot matrix module front

Dot matrix 8s module circuit schematic

Figure 2 Internal circuit diagram of full color 8s dot matrix module

As can be seen from Figures 1 and 2, the full color dot matrix module has a size of 8*8. In this module, one display point contains 3 LED lights of 1R, 1G and 1B. That is, 1R, 1G, and 1B constitute one pixel. The actual design of the full-color 8S dot matrix module leads to a total of 32 pins, 16 on the top and bottom, and the dot matrix module can be directly soldered to the PCB driver board during assembly. The pin diagram of the dot matrix module is shown in Figure 3.

Dot matrix 8s module pin arrangement

Figure 3 full color 8s dot matrix module pin arrangement

It can be seen from Fig. 3 that the arrangement of the stitches of the dot matrix module is regular. That is, the upper part of the 1-8 pin controls the red light, the 9-16 foot controls the blue light, and the lower half of the 5-12 foot controls the green light. They are all control columns, each connected to the MBI5024 driver chip on the PCB driver board. . The lower half of the 1-4 pin and 13-16 pin control line, connected to the 4953 line control chip. There is a problem at this time, why is there no public place on the dot matrix module? The public domain is actually on the driver chip.

How does the module implement 8s control? First, as can be seen from Figure 2, the red, green, and blue signals from the MBI5024 chip will cause all the columns to get the signal, but there is no signal at this time, so no one is lit. After the red, green, and blue signals are transmitted, the 4953 chip begins to transmit the line signal. First select the first line, then the first line is lit, and the rest are not lit. Then select the second line, the second line is lit, and the rest are not lit. And so on, scanning 8 lines in one cycle. Due to the high frequency of scanning, we do not see progressive scanning. It should be noted that the MBI5024 driver chip is a 16-bit register with a latched output. Therefore, red, green, and blue data are always latched on the MBI5024 output pin. Therefore, it is possible to achieve no scan without losing data. Data transfer begins in the next cycle until the end of the entire scan cycle.

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