Analysis: How to extend the life of LED lights

August 20, 2019

At present, most manufacturers are advertised to be 50,000 hours of LED lamp life, and the life of the lamp is generally 35,000 hours. In practical applications, it is affected by many factors and cannot reach the theoretical value. With the continuous advancement of LED technology, the continuous decline of cost, and the continuous improvement of energy-saving performance, LED is gradually moving from the initial display stage to the lighting application stage. In both the international market and the domestic market, LED has begun to enter commercial lighting. Even the departmental home lighting market has shown a good momentum of development. Its long-life, high-efficiency, and power-saving features have received more and more attention and research, and LED lamps and other products have become more and more widely used.
There are two ways to solve this problem. The first is to choose a lamp group with a larger distance between the lamp beads. The best distance is above 25mm. The second is when the LED is working. It is better to have a small fan to help it dissipate heat. This will also extend its useful life.
However, LED lamps also have certain defects. The lamps composed of single LED lamps and LED lamps can be tested, and there are still some differences in aging. This difference can be analyzed from the environment in which the LED lamp is used and various other parameters. How to effectively extend the service life of the LED strip is a problem worth talking about.
First of all, the choice of the quality of LED lights is a very important factor. Different packaging processes have a considerable impact on the quality of the product. LED lamps packaged with ordinary primers have a 76% reduction in light decay in the same aging environment as LED lamps packaged with Class A low-resistance glue. Therefore, choosing an LED lamp made with a good packaging process will greatly extend its service life.
Secondly, when the LED lamp bead is working, the single lamp bead will be heated less, and the temperature of the bracket will not exceed 45 degrees. At this time, the life of the LED lamp will be ideal, but when the LED lamp is composed of the lamp group, the corresponding temperature will be Will rise, it is not conducive to the long-term use of LED lamps.
In short, it is afraid of heat, the higher the temperature, the shorter the life of the LED, the lower the temperature, the longer the life of the LED. The ideal operating temperature of the LED is of course between minus 5 and zero. But this is basically impossible. Therefore, consumers must understand the performance of LED lamps when they choose them, and at the same time, they should be properly protected during use, so that they can exert their optimal use effect and let it add luster to you.

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