AIXTRON's first thousand MOCVD successfully installed in the market

September 23, 2018

Topic: AIXTRON, a supplier of composite semiconductor materials manufacturing equipment in Germany with a certain position in the industry, a heavy-duty supplier of organometallic chemical vapor deposition systems (MOCVD) produced by ultra-high brightness LEDs, high-frequency chips and lasers, officially Formosa Epitaxy (3061), a Taiwanese LED chip manufacturer, announced that AIXTRON's 1,000th CCS MOCVD (30*2 缉?缉) was successfully installed at the Gion Plant.

All the time, Yiyuan is a customer of AIXTRON. Several AIX 2400 and 2600G3 HT have been installed before. AIXTRON said that it is very pleased to deliver the company's 1000th MOCVD to Yuyuan, and said that this equipment is the latest in AIXTRON. The high-volume production of MOCVD system, its high yield meets the needs of Gion's new generation of high-power blue-green LED chips. Yuyuan is also very satisfied with the MOCVD performance of AIXTRON. It is believed that the production capacity of the new equipment will greatly expand the production capacity and provide a more solid and strong backing for the round LED market.

Yanyuan Optoelectronics is dedicated to the epitaxial wafer fabrication of compound semiconductor nitriding (IInGaN) optoelectronic related materials, and is a professional manufacturer of nitriding related optoelectronic and electronic products. Developed and mass-produced ultra-high brightness, blue, green and ultraviolet LED LED chips and chips with advanced MOCVD, which can be applied to full color display, backlight, traffic number, indicator and 21st century green white light. LED lighting and other applications. At present, the product wavelength range can reach 385nm-560nm and will continue to develop nitriding (IInGaN) in high-brightness LED chips and chips, and more toward the development of high-frequency wireless communication electronic components.