Advantages of thermal double-sided tape

March 28, 2020

Advantages of thermal double-sided tape
Features, benefits to customers:
1 Good thermal conductivity Avoids the systemic risk caused by uneven coating (uneven heat dissipation from the light source leads to excessive light decay and dead light)
2 Good viscosity In the normal use environment of the luminaire, the viscosity increases with the increase of temperature, there is no volatility, and the phenomenon that the thermal paste is dried and pulverized does not occur.
3 Good insulation performance High pressure 3KV, convenient for customers to pass the certification
4 Convenient construction, clean, fast, beautiful products, reflecting the professionalism of the manufacturer
5 No need for fasteners (screws) Eliminate the cost of screws, improve production efficiency and consistency of finished products, save workers' working hours, and save costs from the perspective of production management
6 Dimensions can be customized for different types of LED products, truly customized, special purpose
7 Convenient storage, no special environment is required. Avoid curing, volatilization and recessive failure of thermal paste when environmental conditions change.

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