September 19, 2020

The smart products that have emerged in recent times are dazzling, with smart pianos, smart security locks, smart water cups, and even smart cutting machines. But most of them are biased towards the concept, which looks very novel and the market size does not rise. what is the

September 16, 2020

The car network, also known as the connected car, is a hot term in the automotive industry. But what surprised me a lot was that a few days ago, at the Apple Developer Conference, I was of course very interested in the rumored Carplay system, but when I talked to a few friends

September 16, 2020

The development of science and technology is really a thousand miles, and our lives are changing due to technology. Have you ever thought that in the future, you can perform precise treatment without surgery, and you can know the condition inside your body without enduring pain, and

September 16, 2020

In daily life, people often like to use some props to increase the atmosphere, and the lamps are an important tool for us to increase the atmosphere. In the flashing stage lighting in KTV, young people follow the light music. And the swing of the effort; At home, turn off the lights, put on a few c

September 15, 2020

Teach you how to make mobile power supply for wireless charging mobile power method! How to make wireless charging mobile power for mobile power, I believe many people have not heard of it, but it is not difficult to imagine. Wireless charging mobile power production, this mob

September 14, 2020

Recently, in the use of FPGA to collect data, the front end is acquired by AD, and then directly output to the FPGA. The collected data needs to be analyzed. The usual method can only be in signaltap, right click on the signal list and click “Create SignalTap II List Fil

September 13, 2020

On June 4, according to foreign media reports, following the introduction of the Portable PlayStation Portable (PSP) 10 years later, Sony is currently terminating the sale of the product. However, Sony has been launching its successor PlayStation Vita to the market. Sony local time on Jun